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            About us

            Fushun Carbon Co.Ltd(Hereafter called FC) is electrode-manufacturers in the Liaoning province.The main products are Regular power, High power and ultra high power graphite electrodes .the size is from φ250mm toφ600mm .We also sell pyrolysis graphite product and graphite pieces.

            FC is located in the west of fushun, south of Shen-Fu railway, north to Shen-Fu highway. It is with convenient transportation. Occupying is 250000sq.m. Floor space is 76000sq.m

            FC put into operation since 1958.
            Fc owned advanced equipment as below:
            1. 20kettle, 12kettle calciner
            2.1000mt, 2500mt and 3500mt oil extruders
            3. 34 room ring baking kilns
            4. High pressure impregnation system and rebaking lines from Japan
            5. 16000kva DC Graphitization furnaces
            6. Digital processing lines for electrodes and nipples

            FC was approved for ISO9001:2008quality system in September of 2009. Our production enjoys well reputation in domestic and overseas markets due to complete testing methods, precise production technology, standardized technical operation and well management. Our products were awarded High-quality, brand-name products and brand products of China Association for Quality Promotion firstly by The Ministry of metallurgical industry and then by Liaoning province.

            Company: Fushun Carbon Co., Ltd.
            Address: 47 West Section Heping Road Wanghua District, Fushun, Liaoning, China
            Tel: (024)56884810/56884812
            Fax: (024) 56884859/56884814
            Website: http://www.vorontsovo.com



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