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            The Applications of graphite electrodes

            Graphite electrodes are widely used in electric furnaces for smelting of steel , alloy steel , various alloys and nonmetals, Graphite electrodes made in Fushun Carbon co.Ltd. have always met the requirements of customers with their excellent qualities.

            Graphite electrodes are used in electric furnace for steel making.


            Graphite electrodes should be stored in dry and clean place. To avoid shock and collision . Be sure to dry them up before use. Clean open socket with compressed air . Screw nipple into socket carefully , not to damage threads.
            Bring down upper electrode until opening between two electrode becomes 20 to 30mm. Clean out opening between electrodes with compressed air. To avoid electrode breakage, remove any nonelectro conductive material from furnace.
            To avoid electrode breakage be sure to place large scrap at furnace bottom and small scrap at top.


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